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In the 1920s, the veil was typically attached to a Juliet headdress or cloche hat to incorporate the style aesthetic of the time. However, once the Depression hit and material, especially lace, was too expensive, brides traded in the dream of a billowing veil for a sensible hat. Likewise, during wartime, if a bride was adamant about having a veil, she likely would have had to craft one herself out of lace curtains. Or, she would opt for a very simple veil that would fall to her shoulders rather than to the floor, or perhaps attach it to a hat. The short-veil trend caught on in the '50s as shorter, ankle-length dresses became all the rage. Suddenly, the focus wasn't on the veil or even the dressit was about the shoes. But with Grace Kelly's flowing lace wedding dress and veil along with Jacqueline Kennedy's full-length veil, many brides retreated back to the traditional. In the 1960s, pillbox hats with bouffant veils were the "it" bridal look. That, or veils attached to metallic head piecesa trend influenced by the era's "Space Age." As for the 1970s, brides' gowns and veils varied substantiallyfrom hippie flower crowns to full-length veils to short bouffant ones. The '80s then saw a resurgence in cascading, mammoth veils that, at times, commanded more attention than the dress, as inspired by Princess Diana's 24-foot veil .


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