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Preis says. She, in the meantime, wondered about her own role as foster mother. I was struggling with the fact that Im not really his mother, she says. Now, she adds, I treat him like my own child. Both parents also know there is much pain yet to be resolved. Petri-Preis says Shahzad is still in survivor mode. While the basic facts of his past are known, Petri-Preis says, the details can be fuzzy. Shahzad says its too hard for him to think about the past, so he avoids it. Preis worries about whether shell be capable of helping him deal with trauma when the time comes. Sometimes he has bad dreams. Shahzad says he prays when he has bad feelings. Other times he calls for his foster mom and says his head hurts. She knows then that something is bothering him, so they talk.

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