Top Tips For 2015 On Recognising Important Issues For Tours

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If you want to travel with your favorite lotions, place them in contact lens cases. They're tiny and leak-proof, plus you can fit them in your pocket. Best of all, you can grab these containers for cheap at a supermarket or drugstore.

For several hours more, we continued south, into Austria, and up into the Alps. The mountains grew taller, steeper, and we negotiated multiple tunnels and high mountain passes. Finally, we entered a valley containing our destination, the village of Ischgl. It was late in the day, so after checking into our attractive, warm, wood and stainless hotel, we wandered the streets a bit then returned for dinner, and retired, exhausted after a very long day of travel. Next morning, after a bounteous breakfast buffet, we ventured out once again and paid more attention to our surroundings. Ischgl is nestled in a deep, narrow valley. There is a small river flowing through and a few hay meadows extending a couple of hundred feet up the slopes. Above that, it is too steep to harvest hay, and the slopes ascend steeply into pine forests.

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